Outings and cargo transport are a breeze on the PINO STEPS

With the Shimano STEPS motor, the PINO offers a fast and relaxed riding experience.

Laid-back and dynamic tandem touringWith the STEPS motor on the PINO, riding fun is guaranteed. The motor is especially helpful when the tandem is being used as a family taxi or cargo bike. But even touring duos appreciate the extra power provided by the STEPS, particularly when cycling up steep hills.

The best thing about the new mid-drive system is that it harmonizes perfectly with the riders. There are no disturbing noises or vibrations. The only noticeable difference is the ease of pedaling. When the tandem reaches 15 mph (25 km/h), the assistance switches off automatically. This means that, for legal purposes, the PINO is still a bike.

Powerful drive, relaxed rideThe PINO STEPS frame, which was specially designed to accommodate Shimano’s powerful mid-drive system, guarantees a high level of riding comfort and safety. Thanks to the low and central center of gravity, the tandem is a breeze to handle.

High-capacity battery, long range, fast chargingThe STEPS battery, mounted neatly in the frame triangle, has a capacity of 418 watt-hours. This means: maximum assistance for many miles, depending on the selected assist mode, terrain, and rider performance.
The empty battery can be fully recharged in a mere four hours.

Everything under control with the STEPS cycling computerThe STEPS cycling computer displays all relevant data: from standard cycling metrics, such as speed and distance, to battery- and motor-related data like selected assist mode, estimated range, and battery level. Basically everything you need to know … at a glance.

The switch for operating the computer is located ergonomically at the end of the handlebar grip. With the touch of a button, you can change the display or choose a different assist mode – easily and intuitively.




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