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Veteran rides his new Kettweisel handbike!

This young-at-heart veteran just landed a Kettwiesel Handbike with suspension.  A seasoned cyclist, he rides with his wife (who also sports a Kettwiesel) putting on many miles a week.  He was looking for a bike that would allow him to easily transfer from his wheelchair to the seat of the bike.  Watch for him as you travel through Lakeville, MN.

special needs jogger

We had an older version of the Kool-Stop Kool- Stride Special Use Jogging Stroller for several years for our son with special needs so I could roller blade with him. As he got bigger, the handle eventually broke. We searched online and found GBKids, who offered the stroller at a good price. We ordered the new model and it’s design is vastly improved! Noah is now 21 years old and the new stroller is perfect. It’s effortless to push and the handle construction is much sturdier. It also rolls straight – our old one constantly pulled to the right. We had some questions when we ordered it, and Ron responded to our email by phone within fifteen minutes – on a Saturday morning! The stroller was delivered before the end of the week. We couldn’t be happier with the product and the service!

– Randy, Kim and Noah Gordon

Caleb on his new Trets

The bike has been amazing!!  Caleb is able to ride it independently this summer. In fact we ride every night at least 7 miles and we’ve even done a few 14 mile trips with Caleb. It doesn’t seem like much but for Caleb, it’s quite an accomplishment!!

Renee & Caleb M. – Little Falls, MN


Thanks so much for working with The Make a Wish foundation to help grant my daughter her wish. It meant a lot to us and we love it. Have already gotten about 50 miles in on it.

– Michelle

Parents of Children with Special Needs:
Get Inspired and Hit the Bike Trails as a Family!
*Thanks Ron and GB Kids. the HASE Pino is a family bike for life!

Last summer (2010), it appeared our biking days were over as our daughter outgrew the tag-along attachment bike and she was also too big for the oversized burley wagon. Since she is a child with special needs, we could find no good options for us to continue biking while keeping her safe and entertained on the amazing bike trails around the Twin Cities.

The HASE Pino is a game changer for families with children or adults needing help like us, and now we are back cruising long trails at fun speeds. Since we can pedal and steer and my daughter doesn’t have to, it makes the dream possible! We love the Pino design keeping the two riders close on the frame so we can chat all along the ride and she loves being out front so she can wave to all the riders we pass – a real self esteem booster! For my daughter, the HASE Pino will be a bike we can ride now and even adapt as she grows into an adult. Truly a family bike for life!

– Denise & Scott B.
Eden Prairie, Minnesota